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Gamdias NYX-P3 Multi-Colored RGB Gaming Mousepad with 10 ARGB LED Effects and Non-Slip Rubber Base

Gamdias NYX-P3 Multi-Colored RGB Gaming Mousepad with 10 ARGB LED Effects and Non-Slip Rubber Base

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Overview : 

  • The Gamdias NYX-P3 RGB Extra long Gaming Mousepad comes with exquisitely engineered textile surface that offers optimal control and precision to your mouse movements. The NYX P3 Multi-Colored Gaming Mouse Mat will be taking YOUR gaming experience into a whole new level of excitement.
  • Kicking in with its 10 ultra-dazzling addressable built-in multi-colored adjustable LED effects via a simple tap of a button, extra-elongated mat stature, reinforced ‘Non-Skid’ rubber-back gives your battle-station a gleaming, finishing touch
  • With its extra-elongated (90 Centimeters / 35 Inches) layout, the mousepad is capable of taking your entire commander’s gaming setup under its wing, leaving none of its comrade behind.

Specification : 

Model NYX-P3
Product color Black
Dimensions 900 x 300 x 3mm
Features 10 Addressable Multi-Colored LED Effects
Extra-Elongated (90 Centimeters / 35 Inches) Layout
Absolute Control & Precision
Non-Skid’ (Anti-Slip) 100% Natural Rubber-Back Gaming Design
Warranty 1 Year Brand Warranty
Package Contents Gamdias NYX-P3 Extended RGB Gaming Mousepad
Country of Origin Information unavailable

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