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DeepCool GM800 Premium Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad R-GM800-BKNNNM-G

DeepCool GM800 Premium Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad R-GM800-BKNNNM-G

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Overview : 

Get precise sensor tracking and a silky smooth glide that is optimized for any gaming mouse sensor type thanks to the heat treated micro-weave cloth textile.

No need to fret over spillage with a high-grade durable water repellent to create a hydrophobic surface that protects the cloth from liquids and stains.

Keep on gaming with seamless anti-fray stitched edges that protect against surface peeling and daily wear and tear.

A dense anti-slip rubber base keeps the mouse pad firmly in place during all your gaming sessions.

Specification : 

Overall Dimension 320x270x3mm
Mouse Pad Type Softpad
Surface Material Spill-Proof Cloth
Base Material Natural Rubber
Product Color Black Surface, DeepCool Green Edge

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