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Redragon Pisces P016 Large Gaming Mousepad

Redragon Pisces P016 Large Gaming Mousepad

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Overview : 

  • MOUSEPAD SIZE: Large – 13 x 10.2 x 0.1 Inches (330 x 260 x 3 mm) – ideal for gaming and office use
  • WATERPROOF: washable and easy to clean. The Waterproof coating prevents damage from spilled drinks or other accidents
  • Engineered to improve mouse glide, Super-fine high-density silk surface provides minimal friction and a ultra-smooth surface texture
  • THICK HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: The underside is made of natural processed foam rubber which adapts to different surface materials and provides a solid gaming platform, high-quality and long-life design
  • The anti-slip foam rubber base helps the Redragon Gaming Mouse Pad to stay securely in place and prevents curling
  • Reinforcement process on the edge.This is to prevent from deformation, broken or damage due to pulling or aging
  • Advanced multi-layer surface provides thousands of light reflecting microscopic points for ultra-precise tracking for both optical or laser sensor equipped mouse types
  • Country of Origin: China

Specification : 

Brand ‎Redragon
Model ‎P016
Product Dimensions ‎33 x 26 x 0.3 cm; 120 Grams
Item model number ‎P016
Special Features ‎Waterproof, Stitched Edges, Silk processed Cloth
Mounting Hardware ‎Mousepad
Material ‎Silk, Rubber
Manufacturer ‎Redragon
Country of Origin ‎China
Item Weight ‎120 g

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